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beyond borders [May. 3rd, 2011|11:46 pm]
wilted salad chef
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The World Ends With You -- BEATEN !

Hell yeah. T3T It's SO AWESOME. While the ending was a bit ' FFFFF Wait what did he say?  Redoing chapters? Alternate Worlds? A SECRET ENDING!? '

I love the ending song. XD After I beat the game, I had to listen to it fully in Youtube to appreciate the beauty of it.

I like how they did the characters! SO refreshing! Well except once you found out the truth behind the game every guiding force seems to screw with you. Like, wtf of course Neku's going to act like that given how Joshua's Frequency will mess with him. Dammit, Mr. Hanekoma!!/end spoilers

I didn't get how to play the game first. I was mostly concerned with how to beat Noise with the limited amount of pins I have. My right hand keeps cramping at the most inappropriate timing during the game. It must be my hand's way of saying that it still needs rest after the pain Lux-Pain Silent battles put it through.

I like using short ranged pins! The simplicity of usage! The quickness of rebooting ! Just slash enemies up, down, right or left! Or tap tap tap tap PRESS PRESS PRESS AND BAM. They're dead. Pins with area of effect (magic or physical attacks) are awesome in my book too. But sometimes those come at the cost of long reboot times or ridiculous effects that you need to have enemies lined up horizontally or smash them up by dashing to where they are.

D: I feel saddened that they didn't include a change of sprites whenever you dress up your characters. I can already imagine the hilarity of Neku wearing a Heart Pochette, Purple Sneaks, Lavender Lotus and Pi-Face's Cap.

....Actually all of my characters wear those with the exception that I change their headwear depending on who they are for more stat bonus.

There's also a oneshot manga of the game!?

And now I am blinded by its awesomeness.


In other news, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin!

First off... there was an offer given by General I forgot his name LOL to join forces to crush our common enemy. (as common where a world was destroyed by a freaking meteor that there are only a few surviving humans left) after we helped an old friend of our commander dude.

The General of our new army looks downright evil.

So I'm guessing either the other side, our 'common enemy' the L or R something  has a much evil manipulative person on board, they're bad, but they're really good gaiz, they're really the good guys or both sides want to crush each other and everyone else alive is boned.

I'm hoping that creepy scientist guy, with his weak willed son(?) and batshit insane daughter is behind everything so I could feel satisfied when I wipe their existence in battle. Because seriously, that creepy face isn't helping. Neither is sending out those nice enemy upgrades.

Also that stupid selfish mayor my commander saved is being a dick. I hope that guy dies in the most terrible death possible. Please don't let that guy be the equivalent of Lux Pain's Tomoyo (being incredibly useless, annoying and making me hope that they diaf) whenever I get within talking distance.

Seriously, where is my story? ~_~ Everything feels predictable to some extent.

The gameplay is okay. Strategy needs to be carefully planned or else I hope you saved because you just dug your entire army a hole with your last turn. The music is ..well I turned off the music. It's kinda distracting. The battle animation is cute. And the story.. when's the story going to pick up!?
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