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organiz- like crazy - C'mon baby it's the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wilted salad chef

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organiz- like crazy [May. 4th, 2011|05:40 pm]
wilted salad chef

My laptop (notebook? what's the correct term again) is somewhat full. 200+ GB. D'oh. It must be because of my impulsive choices of taking pretty pretty art, fanfiction, videos, documents, pictures and music.

I started organizing them into a semblance of order, but I still haven't finished. ): I get distracted. When I view those files long forgotten I start to think back on the past me, but  I fail in the remembering department. Like, why didn't I take down copious notes of so-and-so experiment or just jot down something like "it worked. maybe? are there even coincidences in this field? I did that and a little bit of this." and "wtf was up with those dreams?!"

What dreams? D: There's only a vague reference. I can't believe it.

So yeah, organizing effort = dwindling fast.

Don't get me started on locked +rar files or even those pictures with a label like, "well you know what to do with d1s".

And then that moment of inspiration, "I know the password to this.... oh dang it. Why is the file content so predictable?" and "Oh so if I do that, that weirdly labeled will..."