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advanced wars: days of ruin chapter 14 - C'mon baby it's the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wilted salad chef

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advanced wars: days of ruin chapter 14 [May. 9th, 2011|02:31 am]
wilted salad chef
[Tags|, ]

Okay ~ This new leader of the New Rubinelle Army is 100% batshit insane.

I can't believe he pulled this stupid stunt after Will helped his army.

After giving Will and co. like shitty backups during a battle, he gives Will some stupid speech how he should be proud of his blood and all that shit, you're an awesome fighter unlike Brenner who has morals, blah blah, how about you join us? No? Well screw you, kid! Get out of my lawn! If I ever see your face again I'll execute you. blah blah

Here's the script taken from JustChillin's gamescript guide on GameFAQs.

Greyfield: How dare you speak to me in such a way! I am Admiral Greyfield! I
will rule this world!


In one battle he gives a few reinforcements. In another battle he gives out commands like its Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with its stupid limitation rules. Okay guys, I'll show my awesome leadership skillz. Nobody move those infantry soldiers or I'll execute you.


Now in the next mission, Greyfield's command is translated as 'testing the enemies' power'. A super suicidal move. I hope that Greyfield dies in the most horrible slowest death possible.

Also, there's no greater stupidity than those people whom Brenner rescued and never stood up for him because of it. I kinda like you Davis, but the way you acted around everyone once in Greyfield's range pisses me off. >_> I hope you die too.

In other news, Will met some bakery guy who told him that Isabella's family were a bunch of freaks who were probably related to Hojo did some creepy experiments. What a twist. Well, not really. I'm just glad Isabella's plight isn't forgotten. So it's that weird scientist guy who supplied illegal weapons along with that can't-stand-up-to-father guy and Bellatrix-crazy (little?) girl.

~_~ Seriously, this game... asdkjaslkj