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advance wars: days of ruin chapter 15 - 21 - C'mon baby it's the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wilted salad chef

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advance wars: days of ruin chapter 15 - 21 [May. 17th, 2011|11:16 pm]
wilted salad chef
[Tags|, ]

Don't really remember much so it may not be in chronological order, but...

Super awesome kapitan Brenner is dead due to heroic sacrifice. ): Dammit. Most annoying stage due to wrong move = stage restart.

Caulder - that creepy scientist dude was to blame.

Improved plant virus has everyone nearly infected even adults.

Massive panic? Luzerian and Rubinelle troops COMBINE.

Also, civilians are included? Hmm I don't remember taking civilians with them...

Anyway, due to the virus freakout, communications were blocked for a while and the Wolves nearly got curbstomped. Thankfully a few turns later, AI to AI curbstomping occurred while I ditch everyone else and run for safety.

Fought that Waylon dude. Um had to use the Luzerian chick for a CO?

Greyfield stockpiles vaccine. He's also infected. Kills everyone who has the virus. Caulder lays the facts that by killing everyone who has the virus, he's sowing dissent and his soldiers are more likely NOT to report their illness. Greyfield retaliates that being ill is weak. Massive lulz.

Longest fight EVER. Sea advantage earlier on is a must in this fight. Lin is the current CO, because she's infected with the virus as well. Baaaw.

Had a run-in with Caulder's crazy daughter. Fought a huuuge lazer tower that spams attacks with a wide aoe.

That cowardly Davis guy is hit with the virus. Goes nuts. Joins a cult worshiping something called the WORM. Had to..use Gage? Missile Silos ftw!

Said fanatic who is leading desperate people feeds people the lie of a cure via WORM worship.

The WORM is... an earthworm.

And now... Will decides to talk with Caulder. Finds out Caulder is nuts. Bent on collecting battle data...? Uses robot army based on battle data from Greyfield fight. WTF