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wilted salad chef

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exposure [Jun. 23rd, 2011|10:33 pm]
wilted salad chef
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 I'm playing Sid Meier's Pirates! the PC 2004 edition after I rolled into TVtropes one day and got this game's thread somehow made its way into the great linkstorm that happened that day.

I picked a starting nation randomly (eyes closed and clicking wherever) and I ended up as an English dude. It's apparently the best choice for a beginner on easy difficulty. ^_^ 

Yeah. So after a couple of hiccups and there was:
  • swordfighting
  • dancing
  • trading
  • ship ramming
  • chasing after villains
  • gossip mongering
  • teaching lecherous guards a lesson
  • finding buried treasure, lost cities, family members
  • getting abandoned by my own mutinous crew
  • recruiting
  • sneaking into towns and looting and or installing a new governor because of your actions
  • taunting
  • bombing
  • a sad day for the ladies whom I courted when they heard I was married to the governor of Curacao's beautiful daughter
  • getting lost while treasure hunting
  • lots of cursing while getting lost on a treasure hunt
  • crying as my beautiful ships get damaged with naval fights
  • laughing after escaping a lose-lose battle
  • rejoicing as I crush my enemies and persuade their crew to join me
  • escorting ships
  • backstabbing the ships I was assigned to escort
  • laying waste on native and pirate ships after I politely ask them to attack a place
  • conducting business with the local shady characters for info and items in exchange for gold
  • gift giving
Oh yeah. I'm also doing a new game on Star Ocean 2 as Rena for the nostalgia factor.